• Update packages
  • Slovak translation (by t0mzSK).
  • Spanish translation (by Xurdejl).



  • Added page loading indicator.
  • Multiple UI elements redesign.
  • German translation (by stophecom).
  • Fix file name encoding bug.
  • Update packages.
  • Code review, cleanup and bug fixes.


  • Critical bug fix that lead to file decryption errors, and file encryption in certain cases. Release info.


  • Update packages
  • Code review, cleanup and bug fixes.


  • Improve password strength checking.
  • Add password crack time estimation.
  • Automated translation according to browser locale.
  • Chinese translation (by qaqland).
  • UI/UX tweaks.
  • Optimize docker containers.
  • Code review, cleanup and bug fixes.


  • Sending the file name to SW instead of appending them to the URL.
  • French translation (by bbouille).
  • Officially accepting Monero (xmr) for donations.
  • show English documentations as default if current locale documentations are not available.
  • Code review, cleanup and bug fixes.


  • Create special page for key pair generation (accessible at /generate-keys)
  • Alert users when duplicate tabs are opened.
  • Disable back button while testing password/keys.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Multiple files encryption/decryption.
  • Adding Dark Mode and tweaking styles.
  • Implementing custom localization.
  • In an effort to encourage the use of secure passwords, The minimum number of characters in the password input has been set to 12 characters.
  • Adding the ability to generate a QR code for the public key when generating a keypair.
  • New file picker design, display of total files counts and size.
  • Visiting different tabs through custom links (e.g ?tab=decryption).
  • Code review, cleanup and bug fixes.


  • Fixed navigation bug that lead sometimes to duplicate functions which caused increased encrypted file size. (CRITICAL)
  • Documentation enhancement.
  • Bug fixes and code review.


  • End to End testing with Cypress.
  • OS-level virtualization with Docker.
  • Show notification when copy to clipbaord.
  • Documentation enhancement.
  • Bug fixes and code review.


  • Adding asymmetric key cryptography.
  • Adding a key pair generator.
  • Create shareable links that contain sender's public key.
  • Possibility to choose encryption methods.
  • Hide encryption passwords by default
  • Removal of idle timer.
  • File validation checks are now performed before passwords entry.
  • Documentation enhancement.
  • Bug fixes and code review.


  • stable release of v2.
  • code review and minor bug fixes.


  • Fix file name bug in decryption download.
  • Implementing the password strength checker using zxcvbn.
  • Adding a password generate button inside the password field in the encryption panel.
  • Adding a password visibility button (on/off) inside the password field in the decryption panel.
  • About page redesign (documentation).
  • Idle timer fixes.
  • Detect if the file was decrypted using an old version of (v1).
  • Safely encode file names passed to SW.
  • Update node.js to the newest version.
  • Adding the changelog file to github.


  • Fix critical bug with useEffect that leads to increased file output size.
  • Programming the markdown file parser for the documentation.
  • Creating the About page.
  • Implementing an idle timer where user gets notified when they are inactive with app, where they are asked to reload the page.
  • Panel redesign.
  • Redesigning the Browse Button.
  • Adding an emoji on the homepage.
  • Removal of extra code comments.


  • Code review.
  • Removal of unwanted lines of code.
  • Comments cleanup.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Changing the whole UI design.
  • Improved File Validation.
  • Improved Password Validation.
  • Implementing a Stepper like design where the user has to go through steps to finish the encryption/decryption.
  • Safari and Mobile users are now limited to 1GB file.


  • A lot of bug fixes and code cleaning.
  • Adding support to Safari and Mobile browsers.


  • bug fixes.
  • Switching to React (next) instead of vanilla javascript.


  • The birth of v2 beta where it introduced in-browser memory efficient large file chunked encryption using streams with libsodium.js and switching algorithms to xchacha20poly1305 and argon2id.